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About us

Eltech Engineering is established with the aim to be the absolute best industrial electrical solution provider. We as company, committed for quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the most economic solutions. We continually work to prove to our associates that they are our company’s greatest resource. As per requirement, we work in association with customer to design and develop the electrical needs and deploy state of the art solutions mainly through our skilled technical team to improve system reliability and risk management. Keeping in mind the investments and criticality of customer project, our solutions are tailor made to reduce the risk period. Moreover, we also test the offered products on well-defined parameters in order to avoid any discrepancy at clients’ end.
Eltech Engineering is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of LT & HT Soft Starters for Sq. Cage Induction Motors, LT & HT Rotor Starters / Slip Regulators for Slip Ring Induction Motors, motor control centers & associated panels.
Eltech Engineering works closely with industry to optimize the performance of motors, machines and the system that power them.
We provide to clients our technical expertise in the area of motor starting solutions and power control, with our strong understanding of applications and client requirements. Actually the abundant use of motors in various industry has made us to study, learn & share about the Motor starting solutions to develop & offer a desirable best solution in wide range of industries such as: Pumping, Irrigation, Textile, Mining, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Steel, Cement, Sugar, Pulp, Rubber, Paper, HVAC & Manufacturing.
We have an extensive range of products enabling us to deliver straight forward solutions for simple applications or fully advanced products for complex requirements. Eltech Make Soft Starters are an integrated solution for motor starting and protection with user-friendly features to ensure safe and easy operation.
Eltech Engineering can design and build enclosures (CNC Fabricated) to meet particular specifications, and we offer full application engineering support at all stages of the design process. For customers who prefer to build their own enclosures, Soft Starters can be supplied in open execution (IPOO) model. We hope you find this website useful and invite you to contact us if there is anything we can help you with.