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FCMA type Magnetic Soft Starter offers series impedance in the motor circuit, usually constructed as a coil around laminated core of high permeability than that of air, which increases the magnetic field there by increasing the required starting impedance. Thus it reduces the starting current & torque of the motor & ensures the smooth starting.

As motor speed increases due to counter emf feedback the starter impedance decreases, so the voltage drop across the Soft Starter. This result in incremental voltage & torque of the motor. As motor reaches to full speed the built in bypass device closes to ensure the full running voltage to the motor. The operation of bypass device can be done through set value of acceleration time, current or rated speed.

Salient Features of FCMA Soft Starters:

• Extremely rugged in construction. Suitable for extreme weather conditions like dusty and desert environment.
• No active electronic components involved.
• Starting current up to 1 P.U.
• Starting of motors with limited power.
• Built in bypass for full voltage during running.
• No external cooling required.
• Can be designed for multi motor starting.
• No harmonics generation- Zero Harmonics.
• Zero maintenance hence zero operations cost.
• CNC fabricated panel construction.
• Magnetic Flux Control technology.
• Range: 0.5 -20000 KW, 380 - 15000 V

Data Required for Designing Starting Current:
  • • Motor Data sheet with details of : kW, I, V, F, N, PF, Effi. etc.
  • • Driven equipment / Application details
  • • Motor current - speed curve.
  • • Motor thermal withstand curve.
  • • Motor torque - speed curve.
  • • Load torque - speed curve.
  • • Motor Rotating Inertia (GD2).
  • • Load Rotating Inertia (GD2).
  • • Motor No. of starts per hour.
  • • Ambient condition.
  • • Grid Capacity/ Minimum SCC MVA
  • • Transformer / Generator capacity.
  • • Voltage drop limitations if any.